Rockingham preview: Classes A, B and D

While a large number of the Quaife Fiesta Championship’s grid comprises of Class C cars, plus the fact that they’re usually the ones you find at the front, it would be wrong to ignore the rest of the classes that make up the complete entry, especially as each has its own story to tell and duels to provide here at the Rockingham Motor Speedway.

Class D is going through a steady but promising growth spurt with the Mk6 generation Fiesta Zetec S model. With this weekend’s field set to reach double figures, a milestone which could be reached for the first time in the class’ history, it certainly shows that the current generation of Ford’s ever popular hatchback is coming more and more of a viable option. Helped with the influx of drivers switching classes as well as plenty of new faces, Class D looks set to continue growing through this season and beyond.

In a pleasant surprise post-Silverstone, the driver leading the class points is Jessica King whose rather rapid progression in pace compared to last season has impressed many. This came to a head when Jessica clinched her first class win in the second race – a fitting present to herself considering she was also amongst birthday celebrations! She will be gunning for more of the same this weekend.

Her nearest rival appears to be Alastair Kellett, who suffered retirement in race 2 that weekend and as a result now sits 5th in points. This is despite winning the 3 other races beforehand, so Alastair’s pace is clearly evident – especially as he won multiple races last season also. It’s pretty much certain he will bounce back straight away here and will wish to add further to his win tally.

The 3 drivers currently sat in front of him points wise are Stuart Robbins, Dana Freeman and Jack Youhill respectively. Robbins has transitioned well so far from his Class B run last season with chief rival John Cooper and both have shown good pace whilst adapting to their new cars. Freeman has begun to steadily build upon her debut at the end of last season at Brands Hatch and has already characterized that with two top 5s. Youhill’s learning curve in his first season in Fiestas appears to have been a steep one so far, however a top 5 at Snetterton will have given him confidence to build up on throughout the rest of the year.

Other drivers featured include Steve Ryan, Michael Pain and Simon Furlonger. Ryan has experience from last season, while Pain and Furlonger are two more drivers embarking on rookie seasons.

Classes A & B are also in attendance with their own battles amongst the field. Peter Dendy-Sadler and John Bateman will once again pick where they left off at Silverstone in Class A, while in Class B Luke Bannister was the sole entrant at the time of writing this, however more entries could be like to come in before this weekend. Kieran White has been his chief rival so far, so Luke will hope that he has some competition to contend with.

All of these drivers have the chance to be centre of attention in their own standalone race, which will mean they will be even more eager to impress here at Rockingham this weekend!

Scott Woodwiss

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